The Acura BMK

The Acura caters to all your needs. We have turned out to be substantial in the hospitality industry over years. We understand your requirements and give our best shot taking care of whatever you desire with a zeal and eagerness. Other than providing our guests with all the requisites, as a hotel, we also cater to help you organize events at our premises. We provide you with the necessary infrastructure and pre-requisites of hosting a perfect event with our staff to assist.

Social Events

You can get any Social event organized at our Hotel. We can handle even the large scale events, such as Marriages and Marriage Receptions, other than smaller events like Birthday parties etc. We provide you with the necessary assistance and other requisites as per the nature of the event to be organized.

Corporate Events

You can easily plan any Corporate Event at our premises and be assured of complete professionalism in taking care of even the minutest of details. We keep it a priority to not let any glitch affect your event by providing adequate and well-functioning equipment as per the need. You can plan seminars, training sessions, meetings etc.

Other Events

Other than facilitating Social and Corporate events, we also cater to organizing other events as per your need. We co-ordinate by giving you all the assistance and a set up as required by the kind of event you plan to organize.

Call us: +91 124 4717000

Capacity Details

Venue Area (sq. ft) Seating Style Capacity (Pax)
Theatre Class Room Cluster U-Shape Cocktail
Eton-1 750 Sq. Ft 45 20 30 30 93
Eton-2 600 Sq. Ft 35 15 20 20 75
Eton-3 600 Sq. Ft 30 25 20 20 75
Regency 500 Sq. Ft 30 30 20 15 30
Eton 1500 Sq. Ft 180 107 60 42 250
Roof Top 2112 Sq. Ft 250